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Posted by SRP Companies on Feb 22, 2017 1:17:00 PM

PUGS has been recognized as 7-Eleven’s 2016 Private Brands Supplier of the Year. This distinguished award was presented to PUGS at the 7-Eleven Experience at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas this month. This event is held for all Franchisees and Corporate management, outlining the key strategies for the coming year with an upwards of 6,000 people, the Annual Supplier Performance Recognition and Award Ceremony takes place at this event.

PUGS is one of just a few Strategic Partners for 7-Eleven. PUGS’ reputation for their unique Platinum Category Management has taken the convenience experience to the next level. From expert category leadership and success-driven product mixes, to client focused store servicing and collaborative analytics, PUGS’ customer focused service is unlike any other in the industry.

2016 saw the launch of a new In-line Electronics and Wireless Accessories Program under PUGS’ Scan-Based Trading business model. The program was developed as a 7-Eleven Private Brand, under the label of “Connect by 7-Eleven.”This program generated a high level of excitement with the 7-Eleven Franchisees, with over 7,000 stores implementing the program.

As a result, it generated a high level of sales and margin growth for 7-Eleven and, more specifically, the Private Brands department. Kyle Payton, 7-Eleven’s National Account Director, couldn’t be more thrilled with PUGS’ team performance.“I would like to take a moment to recognize PUGS’ entire company. This is a tremendous accomplishment! It truly would not have been possible without all employees in every department stepping up and giving their all to every project. Let’s keep it up and do it again next year!”

PUGS and 7-Eleven have worked together for over 30 years. Throughout that time and business relationship, 7-Eleven has consistently been a leader in bringing new products to customers through PUGS’ innovative and result-driven service. Mark Eisele, the President of PUGS, could not wait to congratulate PUGS on this achievement:

"We have been rewarded for our commitment to Platinum Category Management with 7-Eleven. Our 30 year relationship with 7-Eleven has been an honor and privilege in working with the best in the industry, and is incredibly exciting to receive an award from a company who shares the same commitment to serving the needs of their customers as we do, and we are truly humbled to receive it. But this great accomplishment could not have happened without the dedication and brilliant performances of all of our teams here at PUGS. So this is for you, and an exquisite thank you to all.”

Thank you to all for continuing to exceed expectations and push for Platinum Category Management with 7-Eleven! E2!!

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