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Posted by SRP Companies on Apr 18, 2017 1:21:00 PM

Solaray has been recognized as Global Montello’s 2016 New Partner of the Year. This distinguished award was presented to Solaray at the Global Montello Business Partners Conference that took place early March of this year.

Nick White, Solaray’s National Sales Director, attended the conference and was incredibly proud of his team and what they had accomplished.

“I must say, CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to our Service Team of Brendan Brinkworth, Dave Digorgio, Stephen McClure, Delbert Craley, & Mark Goodridge for playing a major role in Solaray being awarded Global’s 2016 New Partner of the Year award! This reflects tremendously on the Platinum Level service we are providing them. Your efforts and diligence not only strengthen our relationship with our clients but also help us achieve even more in the future.”

Solaray is in the process of implementing a year round promotions program in order to expand their store services to all of Alliance and XtraMart locations, a total of 257 stores. With this increase of stores, Solaray would be servicing their Sunglasses Category and Winter Program. There is no doubt our impressive service teams will continue to exceed expectations and open new opportunities for Solaray and SRP Companies in the future, especially with this distinguished award in their portfolio. Sabrina Byrom, the President of Solaray, was excited to highlight this team and congratulate Solaray as a whole.

“We are a team, and every position plays such a crucial role to be able to go above and beyond for our clients. In the end, we are judged by the quality of service we provide and that speaks volumes. So congratulations to our Service Team, we want to recognize your hard work and push for Platinum Level Category Management. Thank you for your exquisite work and we look forward to seeing even more outstanding accomplishments.“

Thank you to all for continuing to exceed expectations and push for Platinum Level Category Management with Global Montello! From everyone at SRP Companies, E2!!

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